Delphi Pump Head 7139-764T for Perkins

Delphi Pump Head 7139-764T for Perkins
Delphi Pump Head 7139-764T for Perkins #0Delphi Pump Head 7139-764T for Perkins #1Delphi Pump Head 7139-764T for Perkins #2Delphi Pump Head 7139-764T for Perkins #3
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Posted: 2018-07-10

Delphi Pump Head 7139-764T for Perkins

Fuel: Diesel

Component: Fuel Injection Device

Stroke: 4 Stroke

Fuel Saver Type: Use Water as Raw Material

Weight: 2.2kg

Trademark: China-Lutong

Specification: Head Rotor

HS Code: 84129090

Car Make: Perkins

Body Material: Steel

Certification: ISO9001

Cylinder: Multi-cylinder

Carburettor Type: Downdraft

Carton: 18PC

Transport Package: Standard Packing, Other Packing as Request

Origin: China

China Lutong Parts Plant is a professional OEM & Aftermarket parts supplier, which specialized in Head Rotors, diesel nozzle, plunger, delivery valve, Bosch head rotor, diesel injector, pencil nozzle for all kinds of vehicles and diesel engines. We have strong technique power, advanced equipment, craft, first class processing test equipment, perfect quality assurance system and excellent after services.We are always at your disposal to provide you with high quality products, perfect service and fast delivery at competitive price.

We Have advantages :

1) 28 years produce experience with capacious warehousing

2) a competelty warranty systerm

3) competive price and good quality

4) standard packing or as required

5) Factory price

If you need those parts, welcome to contact with me.

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23 7180-655L 6/7R DPA 4 Yes

24 7180-668W 4/9.5R DPA 2 Yes

25 7180-819U 4/9R DPA 2 Yes

26 7180-965L 4/7R DPA 4 Yes

27 7180-977S 3/8.5R DPA 2 Yes

28 7183-125L 4/7R DPS 4 Yes

29 7183-156L 6/7R DPS 4 Yes

30 7183-165L 4/7R DPS 4 Yes

31 7183-129K 4/7L DPS 4 Yes

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33 7185-114L 6/7R DP200 4 Yes

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35 7185-197L 4/7R DP200 4 Yes

36 7185-913L 3/7R DP200 4 Yes

37 7185-917L 6/7R DP200 4 Yes

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39 7189-376L 4/7R DP200 4 Yes

40 9050-191L 4/7R DPA 4 Yes

41 9050-228L 4/7R DP200 4 Yes

42 9187-210A 3/7R DP200 4 Yes

43 344W 4/9.5R DPA 2 Yes

44 641L 4/7R DPA 2 Yes

45 645L 4/7R DPA 2 Yes

46 698U 4/9R DPA 2 Yes

47 800L CI 4/7R DPA 4 Yes

48 547L 4/7R DPA 4 Yes

49 727L 6/7R DPA 4 Yes

50 927S 3/8.5R DPA 2 Yes

51 976L 3/7R DPA 4 Yes

52 15L 4/7R DPS 4 Yes

53 528K 4/7L DPS 4 Yes

54 215L SI 4/7R DP200 4 No

55 215L CI 4/7R DP200 4 Yes

56 511L SI 6/7R DP200 4 No

57 511L CI 6/7R DP200 4 Yes

58 039L 4/7R DP200 4 Yes

59 627L 3/7R DP200 4 Yes